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Zhejiang Liantong Home Furnishing Products Co., Ltd is high quality Pet Furniture in China. Zhejiang Liantong Home Furnishing Products Co., Ltd. formerly known as Panan County Tongda Craft Factory, is a comprehensive company integrating design, production and sales. who has over 20 years experience in manufacturing and about 10 years of producing furniture. We developed expertise in each process and supply chain management.On the basis of quality assurance, we continue to expand the scale of production, and our products are exported to Europe and America, with an annual output value of more than 50 million yuan and a total annual tax payment of more than 2 million yuan, forming a mature sales channel.We look forward to creating long-standing relationship with you.

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Elevate your cat's lounging game with our premium Cat Jumping Bed! Crafted for the most discerning feline connoisseurs, this bed isn't just a place to rest—it's a playground of comfort and fun!

Why Cats Love It: Irresistible Jumping Haven: Say goodbye to boring cat beds! Our design encourages natural behaviors, inviting your kitty to leap, lounge, and play to their heart's content. Plush Comfort: Made with ultra-soft, pet-safe materials, our bed ensures maximum coziness for your furry companion's naps and relaxation. Space-Saving Design: Perfectly sized for any room, its sleek profile seamlessly fits into your home décor while offering a dedicated space for your cat's antics.